WE ARE CONNECTED. German-Israeli Youth Exchange in Support for Israel

We are connected. That is a statement. An assurance. A commitment. An affirmation of the deep and diverse connections between young people and people of all generations from Germany and Israel.

Christine Mähler, Director of ConAct, at the launch event of the WE ARE CONNECTED. initiative in Berlin in December 2023

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German-Israeli Youth Exchange is one of the strongest bonds in German-Israeli & Israeli-German Relations. The terror attacks of the Hamas on civilians of all ages in Israel on October 7, 2023 have caused more than 1,200 dead, about 240 Israelis have been kidnapped and many thousand people have lost their homes. The war initiated by Hamas and supported by terror and missile attacks in the north of Israel has caused the evacuation of cities. About 200,000 people are refugees within Israel. Their life is dominated by pain, grief and despair.

In this challenging situation the civil society in Israel is very strong in supporting one another. One of the actors actively including young people for helping others is the Council of Youth Movements in Israel. The youth movements offer support to the families of the victims in various ways: They organize leisure time activities for children and young people, they offer school lessons, they provide logistic help and emotional support to people of all ages – at more than 100 locations, where the victims reside right now.

The initiative WE ARE CONNECTED. invites German partner organizations and young people from youth, school and volunteer exchange projects to keep in touch with Israeli partner organizations and friends. It encourages to give concrete support to concrete help projects. The initiative invites to support mentally and through creating ideas for donations.

WE ARE CONNECTED. Our support is needed now! What can we do?

  • Keep in touch with our Israeli exchange partners and friends. Use digital ways to connect. Meet in online sessions. Find ways of sharing and being connected even in difficult times. Bring back spirits of life and support to our friends.
  • Choose a certain concrete activity presented by our initiative to address your support to. Please find concrete projects and activities – with kids and families who have suffered from the attacks and who are suffering from war right now.
  • Develop some strategy for collecting money in order to support the young Israeli volunteers working at the distinctive activities we have chosen to support. The Council of Youth Movements will distribute the money according to your choice of priority. Every sum will be a great support!
  • Communicate your support of the project you address your help to in the public – in social media and on a distinctive website. Let us know also about your activities via email to contact@we-are-connected.org and we will showcase it on this page! We will create a broad picture of all projects and actions taken.

Our friends in Israel need our support now! WE ARE CONNECTED.


ConAct – Coordination Center German-Israeli Youth Exchange / ConAct – Koordinierungszentrum Deutsch-Israelischer Jugendaustausch

Israel Youth Exchange Authority (IYEA) / Israelische Behörde für Jugendaustausch

Council of Youth Movements in Israel (CYMI) / Rat der Jugendbewegungen in Israel

German Federal Youth Council / Deutscher Bundesjugendring (DBJR)

German Sports Youth / Deutsche Sportjugend (DSJ)

Maccabi Israel Sports Organization / Maccabi Israel Sportorganisation

Young Forum of the German-Israeli Society / Junges Forum der Deutsch-Israelischen Gesellschaft (JuFo DIG)

Educational Service for School Exchange Partnerships / Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD)

German Association of Cities and Communities / Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund (DStGB)

Federation of Local Authorities in Israel / Verband der lokalen Behörden in Israel

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