Youth Movements: Aid and Assistance to the Elderly and Holocaust Survivors

These difficult times have hit the Third Generation with a growing storm of emotions, whether or not they are seasoned “alumni” of past wars, but especially if they experienced World War II and the Holocaust in their childhood or teen years. The horrendous scenes of October 7th, their terror, anxiety and the difficulty of coping with daily tasks in a prolonged state of emergency, all made it imperative for us to be there for them. Youth movement members in communities throughout Israel rallied to the cause and are attending to hundreds of elderly people – by meeting with them, listening to them, providing emotional support, assisting with shopping, scheduling appointments and performing many other services.

In evacuation hubs that have a high concentration of older evacuees, often without their families – particularly in Eilat and the Dead Sea, the youth movements conduct age-appropriate support activities, such as one-on-one listening-intensive discussions and by organizing suitable social and relief activities.