Education and Encounter after October 7 Implications for German-Israeli Youth Exchange and Dealing with Antisemitism

Cover von Methodenpublikation "Education and Encounter after October 7"
Zwei Menschen schauen sich interessiert und konzentriert ein Buch mit dem Titel "Education and Encounter after October 7" an.
Photo: ConAct/Ruthe Zuntz

ConAct, Israel Youth Exchange Authority and Council of Youth Movements in Israel have published an educational toolkit to accompany German-Israeli youth exchange programs in light of the October 7 attack on Israel.

How can we address the topic of October 7 and its impact on young people and society in Israel, but also in Germany, in the bilateral exchange framework and convey it educationally? These questions accompanied the development process of the newly published methodological handbook, which is based on the ideas and contributions of a bilateral working group – consisting of educators and exchange specialists from Israel and Germany. It was presented for the first time at the Bilateral Network Seminar for Partnerships in German-Israeli Youth Exchange organized by ConAct, the Israel Youth Exchange Authority and the Council of Youth Movements in Israel in Berlin, which took place in early April 2024 with over 100 professionals from both countries as part of the WE ARE CONNECTED initiative.

The English-language toolkit “Education and Encounter after October 7” offers guidance and educational suggestions for multipliers in German-Israeli youth exchanges. In addition to finding a suitable language to talk about the events of October 7, the toolkit encourages educational professionals from both countries to engage in bilateral exchanges on these topics.

The material provided highlights the impact of the events on Israeli society and raises awareness of the growing antisemitism in Germany and worldwide. It underlines the importance of remembering those affected by the attacks on October 7. The toolkit also highlights the ongoing efforts to strengthen links between young people from Germany and Israel in these difficult times.

The toolkit was developed and written while the war in Israel is still ongoing and many questions about its nature and duration arise among both the German and Israeli public. The relevance of the handbook is obvious, but the materials and activities need to be further developed and adapted to future realities. It is therefore a work in progress and should pave the way to meet again at this moment.

More information and download of the toolkit

A printed version of the toolkit can be ordered from ConAct for the price of postage costs. Shipping is only possible within Germany.