Youth Movements: Aid and Assistance for Newly Arrived Immigrants from Ethiopia

For years on end, several hundred families in the Ethiopian community waited to finally come to Israel. Upon their arrival last year, they were received at established absorption centers according to a structured absorption plan. As some of these absorption centers stood near the Gaza border, their residents were among those relocated to “evacuee hotels.” The challenge of integrating in Israeli society has become much harder and more complex for these new citizens. Without the language, not yet knowing or understanding Israeli culture and the “codes” of behavior in time of emergency, thousands of immigrants from Ethiopia now have no choice but to cope with a long, complicated and difficult war.

Precisely for this purpose, youth movement members from HaNoar HaOved V’HaLomed, Bnei Akiva, HaMachanot HaOlim and Tzofim have risen to the occasion, from organizing and assisting the informal educational space for children, teens and adults, up through providing explanations about what is going on and why, as well as explaining the next steps in the immigrant absorption process and settling in as Israelis.

Four evacuation hubs are currently being operated under the educational leadership of the youth movements: in Zichron Yaakov, Nir Etzion, Beit She’an and Jerusalem.