Call for Donations from Partners and Friends in Exchange

Currently, many thousands of people from the destroyed villages and kibbutzim in Israel are without homes - families with children have lost everything. They are being given temporary shelter in other parts of the country, in need of everything. Many volunteers on the ground are collecting donations in goods and money and providing a variety of assistance. Youth movements in Israel are active and need support for their voluntary help. Exchange partnerships are also calling for much needed donations to help the people of Israel.


Kreisjugendring Siegen-Wittgenstein for the partner district EMEK HEFER

Emek Hefer, the partner district of the Kreisjugendring Siegen-Wittgenstein, has established a relief fund. Donations are welcome to support the families struggling with injuries and trauma and those citizens of Emek Hefer who have opened their doors to evacuated families from the south. Support will also be given to soldiers on the front lines and local community resilience initiatives.

More information and donation contacts

Bezirksamt Berlin-Pankow for Twin City ASHKELON

Against the background of the terrorist attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah, the Pankow district office, together with the Freundeskreis Berlin Pankow-Ashkelon e.V., is appealing for monetary donations and has set up an account. The twin city of the district of Pankow is located on the Israeli Mediterranean coast, about ten kilometers from the border with the Gaza Strip.

More information and donation contacts:

Bezirksamt Pankow

Freundeskreis Berlin Pankow-Ashkelon e.V.

DGB-Youth & Young Forum of the DIG for KEREN HAYESOD

Hamas' war against Israel is causing great suffering among the Israeli population. Together with the Young Forum of the German-Israeli Society, the DGB Youth calls for donations to protect the Israeli civilian population to the non-profit organization Keren Hayesod. The organization finances, among other things: the evacuation of children and families from the attacked areas; support for families who have lost relatives or their homes, psychological support for affected children.

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Dialog Israel for KIBBUTZ KFAR ASA

Kibbutz Kfar Asa was hit hard by Hamas attacks. Many residents were murdered, houses destroyed. Some families lost everything.

Now, in these difficult hours, the moment has come to reach out to the survivors for all physical and psychological needs in order to rebuild the kibbutz. This will take time, but the community needs help now, today. Help to breathe life back into Kfar Asa.

You can help here

You can help here by transferring donations with the purpose "Israelspende" to the following account of a partner of the Bildungsstätte Dialog:

Kontoinhaber: Freikirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Berlin
IBAN: DE 45 1009 0000 1774 2070 20
Bank: Berliner Volksbank
Bankadresse: Wittestraße 30, 10892 Berlin
BLZ: 10 900 00
Kto-Nr.: 1774 2070 20

For large donations, please contact:

Chen Amles Kutler – Handy: +972-54-7791001
Noa Shinar Ron – Handy: +972-54-4989617
Sagit Mor – Handy: +972-50-8215018

NABU for SPNI – Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

NABU together with its youth organization NAJU (Naturschutzjugend im NABU) has been active in German-Israeli exchange for many years and supports its partner in the current situation: The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), currently provides a roof over the heads of more than 300 people from the embattled areas in its training and information centers. It plans to convert more centers into shelters to accommodate even more families who have had to leave everything behind.

Many of the SPNI's sources of funding have currently dried up, as it finances itself largely through tours and offerings at the centers. However, funding is desperately needed for supplies and logistics. You can help support people in danger while ensuring the continued existence of Israel's largest conservation organization.

To donate, visit:


The Leo Baeck Education Center, exchange partner of the Mannheim Youth Academy, is now active on several levels of emergency response:

  • They collect/provide needed equipment for soldiers and reservists who have been called up within hours and take them to their collection points.
  • They prepare food, clothing and toy packages for families who had to evacuate and leave behind all what is left of their homes.
  • They arrange host families from the Leo Baeck community for families who have fled the south and need a roof over their heads.
  • They have over 140 children a day who spend the entire day with them. The children get a break from the atmosphere of war, and the families – many of whom have a parent either drafted or serving in the emergency forces – get much-needed help caring for the children.

Donate via PayPal

Via bank transfer in Europe – donation receipt possible:

Empfänger: Freundeskreis Leo-Baeck (Buber-Rosenzweig-Stiftung)
Sparkasse Oberhessen
IBAN: DE50 5185 0079 0027 1918 60

DROR ISRAEL – Educating for a Just and Equal Society

The Dror Israel educational movement has a long track record of emergency relief. During the wars of the last thirty years, Dror Israel has organized day care in emergency shelters, neighborhood programs, tent camps and trips outside combat zones, and much more for children from areas under attack.

In light of the current national tragedy, they, along with municipalities and the Israeli Civil Defense (Home Front Command), have already established services and programs for residents in hard-hit areas. They need support - US$500,000 fundraising goal.

More information

TZOFIM – Israeli Scouts

The Scouts Movement, who mornes the loss of many of its alumni, employees, guides and participants – is fully recruited these days to volunteering and supporting the residents of Southern Israel and the IDF soldiers, within the „Iron Swords“ War, when thousands of participants, guides and parents in over 140 branches are joining the efforts all over the country.

The activities and projects initiated by the Scouts Movement: joint cooking days and food collection to send to the residents of Southern Israel and to the Security Forces in the field, cooking for reserve soldiers, collecting donations of toys, equipment and different products to send to the wounded in the hospitals, hosting the residents of the Gaza Envelope in Scouts branches, supporting local authorities in cleaning apartments for hosting the families from the Gaza Envelope and preparing shelters for residents of different cities, activities for the children of doctors in hospitals, babysitting the children of the families from Southern Israel and children of soldiers in reserve service, inviting families for hosting in Scouts branches, as well as a prayer rally by the Jewish Orthodox Scouts to strengthen the Israeli people, and much more.

The Scouts Movement is posting constantly, on Facebook and on Instagran, an updated list of hosting branches, volunteering activities and contact persons. For those interested in donating food and equipment as well as to participate in every activity for the residents of the Gaza Envelope and the security forces opperating in the region, the Scouts Movement invites ist participants to contact the branch nearest to their home.


Carmela Rottmann

More information (in Hebrew):


Tzedek Centers, Hashomer Hatzair and Nachshonim are now operating an emergency apparatus that provides broad and immediate aid in the Swords of Iron war. Our action includes:

  • Educational activity and support in public shelters* in Ashkelon, Ashdod and Be’er Sheva, supporting frontline communities with no ability to evacuate.
  • Educational and emotional support for evacuated kibbutzim* that are stationed in Eilat, Ein Gedi, Kfar Menachem and Givat Olga, which includes educational support and activity, relief for parents, and provision of various basic needs.
  • Hosting for evacuated families* in the Givat Haviva seminar center and in private homes of volunteers.
  • Organizing volunteers for action in cities across the country*, joining municipal aid forces, cleaning and setting up shelters, public aid hotlines, gathering food and equipment donations for Gaza envelope residents, babysitting children of medical staff, and more.

Donate here

GIVAT HAVIVA – The Center for a Shared Society

As a mixed Jewish-Arab organization, Givat Haviva seeks to create space for grief, anger, fear, as well as empathy, both within the staff and in the neighboring Jewish and Arab communities, and to give people the opportunity to process with each other the horrific events. Givat Haviva's educational campus of just over 16 acres offers guest rooms, classrooms, an auditorium, a dining hall and many other programmatic facilities.

Emergency aid is currently being provided. Already the day after the Hamas terrorists attacked southern Israel, Givat Haviva opened its facilities to those among the population who need it most: There are already several hundred Israeli citizens* from the south and by now also from the north of Israel housed on the campus. Givat Haviva provides them with shelter, three meals a day, and a variety of activities to try to ease the pain they have suffered from the terrible experiences and to give them and their children some sense of security, comfort, and safety.

In order to finance the accommodation of the refugees and the subsequent processing, you can donate to the German Circle of Friends:

Recipient: Freundeskreis Givat Haviva e. V.
IBAN: DE39 5519 0000 0353 4510 16
Keyword: Campus

NEVE MICHAEL – Children’s Village

Neve Michael Children’s Village is the only multi-disciplinary children’s home in Israel to offer a wide range of professional services on one site, such as psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy, social work, conventional and para-medical therapies and education.

Because of the war they received several children from the battle zone and some instructors from the village were drafted into the reserves. Their immediate needs because of the war are:

1. Manpower will increase 2 shifts instead of one shift.
2. A significant increase in emotional help by therapists.
3. Equal external activity, plays, etc.
4. A significant addition to the security of the place includes a night watchman in each children's residential house.

Further information:

Please donate to:

IBAN: IL16 0204 7300 0000 0207 535