Special Funding 2024

Support for People and Communities in Israel

Logo der Initiative "WE ARE CONNECTED. German-Israeli YOUTH Exchange in Support for Israel"

The initiative invites German and Israeli partner organizations and young people from the field of youth exchange, school exchange and the voluntary services to keep in touch with each other. It encourages to give concrete support to concrete help projects. The initiative invites to support mentally and through creating ideas for donations.

As part of the initiative, partner organizations can develop a variety of ideas for non-material, practical or financial support. Some specific ideas can also receive funding.

Options are, for example ...

  • Making Israeli Voices Heard: Contribute in making Israeli voices heard in Germany – from those directly affected and from the center of the Israeli society. German organizations can invite their Israeli exchange partners to Germany for a few days. Organizations from Germany can bring former participants, parents and friends of the German-Israeli exchange projects into contact with the guests from Israel – for an evening, a discussion round, as part of the visit to a youth center or a school. With the short-term funding of a small project (in German: “Kleinaktivität” – max. 1,000 €) you can realize project ideas like the ones mentioned.
  • Invitation of Young Israelis – Affected by the Current Situation: German organizations can invite young people from Israel, who were directly affected by the attacks, or are still affected, to come to Germany and to meet with young Germans. Thousands of children and young people in Israel are still confronted with a very challenging situation – they were attacked in their own communities in the south or had to be evacuated from the northern part of the country. German organizations can invite young Israelis to Germany – to relax and find distraction from the ongoing state of emergency in Israel. Meetings between young people from both countries can be particularly valuable in these times. With the Special Funds WE ARE CONNECTED. 2024, an invitation to Germany and an encounter with young Germans can receive support (further details can be found below).
  • Workcamps & Relief Work in Israel: Voluntary work is currently being done all over Israel – to cultivate fields for which there is no labor force; to look after children, who currently do not have leisure activities, because they have been evacuated; to care for (elderly) people who need physical and mental support in the ongoing emergency situation. Organizations from Germany can get in touch with their Israeli partner organizations and discuss, what is needed most. With the Special Funds WE ARE CONNECTED. 2024, various project ideas in Israel can receive support (further details can be found below).

1. Requirements for funding

  • Bilateral cooperation: The project should be realized within a bilateral German-Israeli exchange partnership. Partners from both sides should jointly be involved in planning and realizing the project.
  • Documentation: The project partners from Germany and Israel agree, to present and share their experiences on the website WE-ARE-CONNECTED.org.

2. Important information and framework of funding

  • Support for travel expenses up to 500 € per person
  • Maximum 20 participants per project
  • For invitations to Germany: maximum project duration 8 days, including travel days
  • For workcamps/relief work in Israel: maximum project duration 14 days, including travel days
  • Support for translation, according to the need of the participants
  • Support for preparation meetings, according to the need of the participants
  • Support for costs for documenting the results of the encounter
  • Funding: maximum 25,000 € per project in Germany or Israel

3. Application

Applications can be submitted by the German organization only at any time – using the standard application forms for German-Israeli Youth Exchange. Before handing in an application, please get in touch with us.

The following documents are required:

  • Application forms with project description
  • Brief outline of the intent, to document the project
  • Calculation of costs (with at least 10 % own funds)
  • Declaration of cooperation with the partner organization in Israel

Procedure of supporting projects

ConAct and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth will discuss incoming applications. Funding is provided from Federal Funds for the Establishment of a German-Israeli Youth Office and from the Federal Funds of the Child and Youth Plan for German-Israeli Youth Exchange.

Are you interested? Do you have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

ConAct – Coordination Center German-Israeli Youth Exchange

Altes Rathaus – Markt 26 | 06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg I www.ConAct-org.de

Contact: Jonas Hahn, Educational Coordinator | Jonas.hahn@ConAct-org.de


(last update: March 26, 2024)

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Important note

In publications and announcements of all kinds (e.g. press releases, publications, working materials, reports, videos, announcements, invitations), reference must be made in an appropriate form, including the use of logos, to the funding of the respective measure by ConAct and the BMFSFJ.

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Please use the logo preceded by the note: "Funded by".